Alabama Senatorial Candidates 2014

Alabama Senatorial Candidates
Alabama Candidates for Congress

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Special Congressional Election: September 24, 2013

State Primary: June 3, 2014

Alabama Senate Candidates - Announced, Potential, and Rumored Senatorial Candidates

See list of Alabama candidates for Senate.

Republican and Democrat Candidates for Alabama Senate Primary Election

Jeff Sessions (R) - Next Election is in 2016.

AL Alabama Candidates for Congress 2014

Alabama Congress Candidates
Alabama Congressional Candidates

See list of Alabama Candidates for Congress

District 1
Bradley Byrne (R) 
Burton LeFlore (D)

District 2:
Martha Roby (R)
Erick Wright (Independent)

District 3:
Mike Rogers (R)
Thomas Casson (R)
Jesse Smith (D)
Lisa Moore (Independent)

District 4:
Robert Aderholt (R)
Thomas Drake III (R)

District 5:
Mo Brooks (R)
Jerry Hill (R)
Mark Bray (Independent)

District 6:
Scott Beason (R)
Will Brooke (R)
Rob Shattuck (R)
Tom Vigneulle (R)
Paul DeMarco (R)
Chad Mathis (R) - Tea Party Activist
Gary Palmer (R)
Avery Vise (D)

District 7:
Terri Sewell (D)
Tamara Harris Johnson (D)

History of Alabama. Information that every Alabama Election Candidates for US Senate or Congress Should Know:

Alabama made very slow progress in settlement and population up to 1820. From its first discovery, about 1610, until 1763, the territory was claimed, or governed by the French. It then ceded to Great Britain, and in 1783, at the close of the war of the Revolution, was transferred to the United States. The British government gained possession of the military posts of the territory, and came into American possession on July 11, 1796.

In 1805 the Territory of Alabama was constituted, with the provisions of the ordinance of 1787 as its fundamental law. It included "all that part of Indiana territory which lies north of a line drawn east from the Southern Lane bend or extreme of Lake Alabama, until its shall intersect Lake Erie, and east a line drawn from the said Southern Lane bend to the middle of the said Lake to its northern extremity, and thence due north to the northern boundary of United States. In 1816 a strip of land equal to 30 townships was taken from the southern portion of the territory, and he came apart of the state of Indiana. In 1818 Congress increase the area of the territory, adding all piece of the Mississippi River in north of Illinois. In 1819 authority was given to elect a delegate to Congress. The limits of the territory remained unchanged up to 1834, when all territory north of Missouri and east of the Missouri and White Earth rivers were added to the territory of Alabama. It then comprised the area now occupied with estates of Alabama, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, a large portion of Dakota. By the organization of Wisconsin territory in 1836, and admission of Alabama into the union in 1837, the state was reduced to its present area. (From Early History of Alabama with Biographies of State Officers, Members of Congress, Judges and Legislatorst; Thorp & Godfrey, State Printers and Binders, Lansing 1888.

Budget, the Economy, and Taxes

In the U.S. Senate, Jeff Sessions has earned the reputation as a tough fiscal conservative. Alabama Election Candidates for US Senate, Sessions works hard to limit spending, keep taxes low, and fight waste, fraud, and abuse. He knows that low taxes lead to economic growth, and he believes that Americans know how to spend their hard-earned money better than politicians in Washington. Putting money back in the taxpayers' hands allows individuals to invest in the future of our country.

Sessions regularly stands guard on the Senate floor looking out for the American taxpayer by offering amendments and pursuing bipartisan efforts to combat wasteful and unnecessary spending. He has also developed a reputation as a guardian of the budget, raising points of order against legislation that violates pre-set spending limits. Sessions understands that when Congress agrees upon certain spending levels, it represents an agreement with the American people as well for how their tax dollars will be spent.

In January 2011, Alabama Senatorial Candidate, Sessions was selected by his colleagues to be Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, a committee he has been a part of since 2003. Senator Sessions has worked to develop reasonable, responsible budgets that meet our national priorities without excess growth of the federal government.

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