Nevada Congressional Candidates for Congress, NV Election Race 2014

Nevada Senatorial Candidates
Nevada Candidates for Congress

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Governor State Primary in June 10, 2014

Nevada Senator Election Race

Harry Reid (D) - Next Election is in 2016.

Nevada Candidates for US Congress from NV 2011

Nevada Congress Candidates
Nevada Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Dina Titus (D)
Herb Peters (D)
Darren Welsh (D)
Jose Padilla (R)
Annette Teijeiro (R)
Kamau Akil Bakari (IAP)
Richard Charles (Libertarian)

District 2:
Mark Amodei (R)
Vance Alm (D)
Brian Dempsey (D)
Ed Lee (D)
Kristen Spees (D)
Janine Hansen (IAP)

District 3:
Joe Heck (R)
Erin Bilbray (D)
Zachary Campbell (D)
Randy Kimmick (Libertarian)
David Goossen (Independent)
Steven St. John (Independent)

District 4:
Steven Horsford (D)
Mark Budetich (D)
Sid Zeller (D)
Cresent Hardy (R)
Niger Innis (R) - Tea Party Activist
Mike Monroe (R)
Carlo Poliak (R)
Russell Best (IAP)
Steve Brown (Libertarian)


History of Nevada. Information that every Nevada Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

1775 The Spanish missionary Francisco Garces became the first European to enter Nevada, crossing the southern part of the state on his way to California.

1821 Old Spanish Trail in use for purposes of trade.

1825 As part of his Snake River expedition, Fur trapper Peter Skene Ogden of the Hudson's Bay Company became the first white man in Nevada discovering the Humboldt River.

1826 August - In a letter written by Jedediah Strong Smith, he reported briefly on his expedition (where he represented the fur trapping company of Smith, Jackson & Sublette), that he had departed from Salt Lake City with 14 men, heading south along the Sevier River, then west along the [now] Virgin, Colorado and Mojave rivers.