Conservative Candidates Delaware

Delaware will elect their conservative candidates in the Delaware Presidential Primary 2014. Their non-presidential primary is September 11, 2014. The general election is November 6, 2014.Conservative Candidates for Delaware in the September 11, 2014 Non-Presidential Primary. The General Election is November 6, 2014.
U.S. Senate:
The incumbent Democrat senator is retiring.
US Senate
Kevin Wade, R, -
U.S. CONGRESS: At Large For Delaware:
Rose Izzo (R) -
State House Legislature for Delaware
21 Michael Ramone, R,
31 Sam Chick, R,
32 William McVay, R,
38 Ronald E. Gray, R,
39 Patrick J. Murray, R,
40 Timothy D. Dukes, R,
40 Raymond C. Adkins, D,

State Senate for Delaware

3 Eric M. Anderson, D, 4/7
11 Evan Queitsch, R,
18 Matthew A. Opaliski, R,
19 Eric R. Bodenweiser, R,
20 Gerald W. Hocker, R,
Brent Wangen (Libertarian),Tea Party Activist
U.S. Congress:

Glen Urquhart for Congress