Conservative Candidates Florida 2014 Republican Primary

Florida will elect their Christian conservative candidates in the Florida Primary August 26, 2014. Conservative voters in the Florida primary set for August 26, 2014 have important choices to make. The Florida Tea Party organizations are well-organized and will be a factor.

Incumbent Governor Rick Scott
is being nominally challenged in the primary by conservative activist and perennial candidate Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder and pharmacist Yinka Abosede Adeshina, and he is a lock to win renomination. Though there were rumblings that someone might challenge him the primary, those rumblings obviously never resulted in a serious challenge, though I am curious as to how a competitive Republican primary would have played out. Cuevas-Neunder seems like a more serious challenger than Adeshina, but in the end, it matters not, because Scott will easily win. Rick Scott is the only Republican hope.

Congress District 3 – Ted Yoho (R)*

Congress District 7 - David Smith (R)

State Senate District 6 - Derek Hankerson

Jamie Grant (R) - Florida House of Representatives 64

Debbie Faulkner (R) - Florida House of Representatives 65

Chris Shepard (R) - Florida House of Representatives 67

Bill Young (R) - Florida House of Representatives 68

Conservative Pro Life Congressional Candidates from Florida

See list of pro life candidates for Congress for Florida
Jeff Miller - - 1
Steve Southerland - - 2
Clifford B. "Cliff" Stearns - - 3
Bob Black - - 4
LeAnne Kolb - - 5
Alec Pueschel - - 6
Sandra "Sandy" Adams - - 7
Bill Posey - - 8
John "Q" Quinones - - 9
Daniel Webster - - 10
Darren Ayres Yes, - Not C.W. Bill Young No - - 13
Evelio "EJ" Otero - - 14
Joe Arnold Yes, Not Tom Rooney - - 17
- - 18
Paige Kreegel - - 19
Adam Hasner - - 22
Joseph "Joe" Kaufman - - 23
Rudolph "Rudy" Moise - - 24
Mario Diaz-Balart - - 25

Occupiers held a rally for "artists, musicians, writers and activists" midway between downtown LA and Beverly Hills. The website announcing the event promised a keynote speech by Van Jones and hinted at appearances by Hollywood celebrities. Yesterday, Variety reported that Hollywood did turn out: Edward Norton, Elijah Wood, Marisa Tomei and Jason Alexander turned out for "All in for the 99%," an effort to engage artists and actors in promoting the "99% Spring," a plan to train 100,000 volunteers in nonviolent action, including protests at corporate shareholder meetings. Van Jones, founder of Rebuild the Dream, has been promoting the plans, and addressed the group. The event was sponsored by Van Jones' Rebuild the Dream,, and SEIU among others. MoveOn produced a video showing the celebrities who were on hand including Jack Black (as part of Tenacious D) and Moby.