Pro Life Candidates Maine

See pro life candidate information. VOICES of Conservative Women State PAC (VOICESPAC) announces their endorsement and support of Maine State Senator Debra Plowman, candidate for the United States Senate. “VOICES of Conservative Women is a leading organization advancing the principles of all conservatives advocating for a limited federal government and a fiscally responsible solution to our nation’s debt crisis. I am honored have earned their confidence and support from conservative women from around our country,” said Debra Plowman. FreedomWorks PAC endorses Bruce Poliquin for U.S. Senate in Maine as the clear choice for voters who support free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government. After one-on-one discussions with Bruce Poliquin, a detailed look at his record and, most importantly, listening to feedback from FreedomWorks PAC members and allies in Maine, FreedomWorks PAC believes that Poliquin is the strongest conservative candidate in the race. Source: PR Newswire ( "I am honored to receive the support of Concerned Women for America, a strong force in the national conservative movement," said Treasurer Poliquin. "Conservative voters and organizations are coalescing around my candidacy because they know that I have the best chance of any Republican candidate winning in November." Treasurer Poliquin has received other notable endorsements from national and Maine conservative and Republican leaders, including FreedomWorks and U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT). Senate: Both of the first two candidates below seem to be very outstanding. -Scott D'Amboise (R) - Ex-Lisbon Falls Town Selectman, Medical Technician & '06 US Rep. Nominee,, Endorses Ron Paul for President; Endorsed by Tea Party Nation, National Republican Trust PAC, Minuteman PAC, Freedom's Defense Fund, National Republican Coalition for Life -Bruce Poliquin (R) - State Treasurer, Real Estate Developer & '10 Gov. Candidate,, Endorsed by Senator Mike Lee, Maine Conservative Voice, FreedomWorks, and Concerned Women for America; Earned Americans for Prosperity "2011 Maine Economic Freedom Fighter Award"

Conservative Candidates Maine

Maine will elect their conservative candidates in the Maine Primary June 12, 2012.
SENATE - Bruce Poliquin (R) -
Bruce Poliquin has been endorsed by Concerned Women of America, and other groups.
Scott D'Amboise and Deb Plowman are also good conservatives.

CONGRESS Blaine Richardson - District 2

CONGRESS District 1 - Patrick Calder (R) or Jon Courtney (R)

Three GOP candidates have ties to Snowe. Charlie Summers is a former Snowe staffer, while Rick Bennett was Snowe's campaign treasurer until she jumped out of the race. William Schneider, meanwhile, received access to Snowe's email list of supporters when he was gathering signatures to get on the primary ballot. State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin and Scott D'Amboise are largely backed by the tea party movement and may be unlikely to receive Snowe's support. Republican state Sen. Debra Plowman, R-Hampden, has supported anti-abortion bills in the Legislature that may not align with Snowe's pro-choice beliefs. Maine State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin, Republican candidate for Maine's open U.S. Senate seat, was endorsed today by Concerned Women for America legislative action committee, the nation's largest conservative public policy women's organization. Something refreshing has begun to happen in the state of Maine. Once a Republican stronghold – Maine voted against FDR in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944 (in 1936 it was one of just two states to do so) – Maine has been a lost cause for conservatives in the past decade or so. Yet lately, the conservative movement has begun to invest serious energy in Maine. The Heritage Foundation made a stop in Maine on its ‘Fiscal Wake-Up Tour’, educating Americans on the costs of America’s entitlement obligations. Heritage has also reached out to Maine’s senators regarding health care policy. Conservatives have also forced liberals to spend money and counter-attack. For example, a left wing organization is actually on the ground advocating daily for Obamacare. In 2009, the National Taxpayers Union helped put a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) referendum on the ballot. At the eleventh hour, however, union money poured into Maine advertising against TABOR, successfully killing what had been polling as a popular measure throughout the preceding summer. In this effort, TABOR proponents were outspent by more than six to one.

Additionally, talk radio host Howie Carr spent a day with conservative Maine congressional candidates Jason Levesque and Dean Scontras—both recently endorsed by Mitt Romney, news that made National Review. Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund and free market strategist Grover Norquist also have visited Maine in the past year.

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