Conservative Candidates Missouri 2014

Missouri will elect their conservative candidates in the MO Primary August 7, 2014.

US Senate - Todd Akin (R)

Governor - Bill Randles (R) or Fred Sauer (R) -

Lt. Governor - Brad Lager (R) -
Attorney General - Ed Martin
Secretary of State - Shane Schoeller (R)

Congress for MO
District 2 Randy Jotte (R)

The Missouri Republican Party says it will continue to hold an outright majority in the state Senate in the wake of Tuesday's candidate filing deadline for conservative candidates in the 2014 elections. And they are confident of their prospects in the House. The GOP said in the Senate, Republicans currently hold 13 seats not up for election. In five Senate districts (#15, 23, 27, 29, and 33), there are no Democrat candidates—which will automatically ensure a Republican majority after the 2014 election. In the State House, 52 districts have no Democrat challenger—meaning that Republicans must only win 30 contested races to maintain a majority. By contrast, Republicans have filed candidates in 134 districts. The GOP said that three months ago, the Democratic Party claimed to have ‘several potential candidates’ for Missouri’s Congressional Districts. But their fabled pool of “strong candidates” never materialized—and the Missouri Democratic Party has only been able to muster token opposition in all 6 of the Congressional Districts currently held by Republicans. Adding to the Democrats’ woes, Congressman Russ Carnahan has chosen to run in the 1st Congressional District, which is currently held by Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay, instead of the open 2nd District seat. “The Missouri Republican Party and our conservative candidates are in an incredibly strong position for the 2014 election,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “The failure of the Missouri Democratic Party to compete for control of the General Assembly or field strong candidates in 6 Congressional Districts makes it clear that Democrats across the state are terrified of appearing on the same ballot as Barack Obama.”

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