Conservative Candidates New Mexico

New Mexico will have elect their conservative candidates in the June 5, 2014 New Mexico primary.

GREG SOWARDS - US Senate for New Mexico.

JEFF BYRD - Congress 3rd District

New Mexico Legislative House Candidates:
15: Kenneth King
17: Robert Cain
33: Angelina Carver
64: Anna Crook
68: Max Barnett
New Mexico Legislative Senate Candidates:
4: Genevieve Jackson
32 Chad A. Hamill

New Mexico conservatives will have their work cut off for them as they have few true pro life conservative candidates from which to choose. Border issues, drug cartel, influx of illegal aliens, loss of jobs, all have influence in New Mexico. Pro Life Christian Conservatives must vote for those who value the constitution. Voter turn-out is critical.
The prominence of divisive social issues — rather than a tight focus on jobs and the economy — in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has delighted Democrats looking ahead to November. They hope that Republican scuffles over birth control will turn off independents, particularly women.

A conservative is someone who adheres to principles of personal responsibility, moral values, and limited government, agreeing with George Washington's Farewell Address that "religion and morality are indispensable supports" to political prosperity.