Conservative Candidates North Carolina 2014

North Carolina Conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 8, 2014 primary.
VOTE FOR Amendment One (Marriage Protection Amendment)

Paul WrightConservative, Tea Party Favorite U.S. Congress:

7th District:
Republicans and independents who choose to vote in the May 8 primary will see a stark contrast between polished, slick Pantano of Wilmington, a former Marine who covets the national stage and has latched on to illegal immigration as his wedge issue, and Rouzer, a state senator from Johnston County who has less flash but more experience in actual governance. The third candidate, Randy Crow of Bladen County, is merely a distraction.
Who is more “conservative”? Who better aligns with Republican Party ideals? And who has the better chance of beating McIntyre in November? Those three points are what voters will consider as they head to the polls.
The StarNews Editorial Board will make no recommendation in this or any other primary race (although we will do so in the general election and on the ballot issue on same-sex unions), but we will comment on the horse races and the issues. The truth is, neither can be labeled liberal, although Pantano likes to paint Rouzer as a political insider who wants to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and doesn’t deserve to call himself a conservative.

8th District:
Candidates in the 8th District:
Richard Hudson

9th District:
Two Republicans running for Congress in the 9th District have waded into the debate over North Carolina’s marriage amendment – from opposite sides.

Edwin Peacock III unveiled a campaign video Tuesday calling the amendment “another unnecessary government hurdle that is bad for business.” He has underscored his opposition in a fundraising letter.
Meanwhile, Robert Pittenger promised to “continue to defend the sanctity of marriage” in his own online video:
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