Conservative Candidates Oregon 2014

Oregon conservatives will elect their candidates in the May 15, 2014 primary.
In Oregon, Democrats outnumber Republicans in registration 40% to 32%. They hold both U.S. Senate seats, four of the five state's congressional seats and all state's elected offices.

U.S. Congress Candidates Oregon:

Lisa Michaels (R) - 1st District Congress Conservative Candidate:
Ronald Green (R) 3rd District Congress
Karen Bowerman, Republican Candidate, for Oregon's 5th Congressional District This view was echoed by the Boston Herald’s business columnist, Bret Arends, who wrote, “During the four years Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in America…it wasn’t a regional issue. The rest of New England created nearly 200,000 jobs.”
Labor market economist Andrew Sum summarize: “as a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years…on every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”
Nor did Romney fight the passage of higher rates on death taxes; indeed, his official position on a state bill was “no position.”
Moreover, Governor Romney supported gas tax hikes both for Massachusetts and for the federal government.
He also proposed a new excise tax on SUVs and a new sales tax on all used cars.
Indeed, Romney failed to reduce ANY of the myriad taxes Massachusetts imposes on its citizens, even though the previous two Republican governors, William Weld and Paul Cellucci, were both able to reduce tax rates.
As Governor Cellucci confirmed, Romney “did not have any broad-based tax cuts in his four years as Governor.”
Indeed, while Romney raised over a hundred different fees and taxes, the two previous Republican governors signed more than 40 tax reduction bills, even though Democrats controlled the legislature. Mitt Romney introduced the nation to gay marriage (you can blame the courts in Massachusetts for the first step, but Romney did not adequately fight) and the predecessor to ObamaCare.

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Conservative Presidents The most prominent conservative presidents:
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