Conservative Candidates South Dakota

South Dakota will elect their conservative candidates in the June 5, 2014 South Dakota Primary.
By the 17th century, the Sioux, who would later come to dominate much of the state, had settled in what is today central and northern Minnesota.[12] The South Dakota spoke a language of the Siouan language family,[11] and were divided into four general branches – the Santee, the Yankton, the Yanktonnais, and the Lakota (also known as the Teton). During this time, the lifestyle of the Sioux resembled that of the other peoples of the eastern woodlands more so than those of the plains. Much of their travel was done by boat, while they still were dependent on hunting, their diet was supplemented by gathering wild rice and berries, and lodges built of earth and wood were the most common type of habitation, as opposed to the tipis of the plains.[13] However, by the late 17th century and early 18th century the Sioux would begin to move south and then west into the plains.[12] This migration was due to several factors, including greater food availability to the west, as well as the fact that the rival Cree had obtained rifles from the French at a time when the Sioux were still using the bow and arrow.
Vote conservative in the SD South Dakota Republican primary.

Conservative values include:

  • Limited government and balanced budgets
  • Capitalism and free markets
  • Classroom prayer
  • Prohibition of abortion and respect for human life
  • The death penalty for heinous murders proven beyond reasonable doubt
  • Abstinence education
  • Traditional marriage, not same-sex marriage
  • Respect for differences between men and women, boys and girls
  • Laws against pornography
  • The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • Parental control of education (parental rights)
  • Private medical care and retirement plans
  • Canceling failed social support programs
  • No world government
  • Enforcement of current laws regarding immigration

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