Conservative Candidates Utah

See list of Utah conservative candidates in the June 26, 2014 Utah Primary. Liberal Orin Hatch is in trouble.

US Senate Utah - Dan Liljenquist (R)

District 1:
Rob Bishop (R)

District 2:
Chris Stewart (R)

District 3:
Jason Chaffetz (R)

District 4:
Mia Love (R)

Utah was the 45th state to enter the United States (January 4, 1896). Today with a population of approximately 2,233,169 (est. 2000), Utah ranks as the 34th most populous state in the United States. 76% percent (2000) of the population lives along the Wasatch front, where resources are most plentiful (Salt Lake, Davis, Utah and Weber Counties). The Mormon cult basically runs the state.

PRO LIFE Candidates Utah 2014

Those voting pro life, will vote to replace Orin Hatch candidate for Senate.

Orin Hatch Liberal Facts

1979 Key Votes Roll Call 70: Hatch voted for the establishment of the Department of Education, which has led to a precipitous decline in American school students’ learning and performance. (Barry Goldwater and Senate Conservatives voted against this.)
Roll Call 317: Hatch voted against an amendment proposed by Sen. Nickles (R-Okla.), which would have prohibited the use of funds to support U.S. armed forces under the command of United Nations commanders.

?? Roll Call 389: Hatch voted to kill this amendment introduced by Senator Stevens (R-Alaska) that would have reduced the costly environmental and labor regulations imbedded in NAFTA.
Hatch voted against banning earmarks ?? Hatch cosponsored the individual mandate for health care

?? Hatch voted for Medicare Part D, the largest entitlement expansion since the Great Society… until ObamaCare

?? Hatch voted for and was lead sponsor of SCHIP, a massive expansion of government health insurance
?? Hatch voted for the Wall Street bailout (TARP)
?? Hatch voted for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout
?? Hatch voted to continue the auto bailout
?? Hatch voted to increase the debt ceiling 16 times by a total of $7.5 trillion
?? Hatch voted against the interstate sale of health insurance
Hatch voted to establish the Department of Education, a federal takeover of our schools
?? Hatch repeatedly voted for the expansion of government health care programs Orin Hatch is not conservative enough for UTA.

The state of Utah is named after the Utes, an American Indian tribe.
Land area--84,916 sq. mi.; 65% is owned by the federal government.
Highest and Lowest Point of Utah. Kings Peak, 13,528 ft. (Uinta Mountains, Duchesne Co. - NE part of state) Beaver Dam Wash, 2,350 ft. (Near St. George, Washington Co. SW part of state)

Conservative values include:

  • Limited government and balanced budgets
  • Capitalism and free markets
  • Classroom prayer
  • Prohibition of abortion and respect for human life
  • The death penalty for heinous murders proven beyond reasonable doubt
  • Abstinence education
  • Traditional marriage, not same-sex marriage
  • Respect for differences between men and women, boys and girls
  • Laws against pornography
  • The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • Parental control of education (parental rights)
  • Private medical care and retirement plans
  • Canceling failed social support programs
  • No world government
  • Enforcement of current laws regarding immigration


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