Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Primary: May 10, 2016

Conservative Candidates Voter Guide West Virginia 2016

One seat on the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia was on the general election ballot on May 10, 2016. This seat was held by Justice Brent Benjamin heading into the election. Justice Benjamin and three other candidates were defeated by attorney Beth Walker.

Each justice elected to the court serves a 12-year term. The balance of the court prior to the 2016 election was 3-2 in favor of Democratic justices; it was impossible for that balance to shift in 2016. The seats of two justices previously elected as Democrats will come up for election in 2020, providing a chance to shift the balance at that time.

Conservative values include:

  • Limited government and balanced budgets
  • Capitalism and free markets
  • Classroom prayer
  • Prohibition of abortion and respect for human life
  • The death penalty for heinous murders proven beyond reasonable doubt
  • Abstinence education
  • Traditional marriage, not same-sex marriage
  • Respect for differences between men and women, boys and girls
  • Laws against pornography
  • The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • Parental control of education (parental rights)
  • Private medical care and retirement plans
  • Canceling failed social support programs
  • No world government
  • Enforcement of current laws regarding immigration

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