Republican Presidential Caucuses: March 1, 2016
Democratic Presidential Caucuses: March 1, 2016
State Primary: August 16, 2016

Conservative Candidates Wyoming

Wyoming will elect their conservative candidates in the Wyoming Primary August 21,
2014. A Wyoming conservative candidate believes
  • Believes in a strong emphasis on moral values and strict enforcement of criminal law
  • Believes in individual freedom and the protection of these freedoms at all costs. These Freedoms include all first amendment rights as well as inalienable rights
  • Believes in equal opportunity for all to succeed after putting forth an effort

Wyoming Senator

Mike Enzi (R)

Wyoming Congress

Cynthia Lummis (R)
Rosie Berger (R)
Liz Cheney (R)
Leland Christensen (R)
Taylor Haynes (R)
Mike Konsmo (R)
Rita Meyer (R)
Rex Rammell (R)
Jason Senteney (R)
Tim Stubson (R)
Charlie "Charlie T" Tyrrel (R)
Ryan Greene (D)
Jack Meena (Independent)