California Conservative Candidates Voting Election Information 2014

List of Congress and Senate candidates and web sites: Complete List of California Senate Candidates and Congress Candidates Ca

California Governor Candidates

Jerry Brown (D)
Neel Kashkari (R)

Lieutenant Governor Candidates California

Gavin Newsom (D)
Ron Nehring (R)

California Congressional Candidates 2014

District 1:
Doug LaMalfa (R)
Heidi Hall (D)

District 2:
Jared Huffman (D)
Dale Mensing (R)

District 3:
John Garamendi (D)
Dan Logue (R)

District 4:
Tom McClintock (R)
Art Moore (R)

District 5:
Mike Thompson (D)
James Hinton (Independent)

District 6:
Doris Matsui (D)
Joseph McCray Sr. (R)

District 7:
Ami Bera (D)
Doug Ose (R)

District 8:
Paul Cook (R)
Bob Conaway (D)

District 9:
Jerry McNerney (D)
Tony Amador (R)

District 10:
Jeff Denham (R)
Michael Eggman (D)

District 11:
Mark DeSaulnier (D)
Tue Phan (R)

District 12:
* Nancy Pelosi (D)
John Dennis (R)

District 13:
Barbara Lee (D)
Dakin Sundeen (R)

District 14:
Jackie Speier (D)
Robin Chew (R)

District 15:
Eric Swalwell (D)
Hugh Bussell (R)

District 16:
Jim Costa (D)
Johnny Tacherra (R)

District 17:
Mike Honda (D)
Ro Khanna (D)

District 18:
Anna Eshoo (D)
Richard Fox (R)

District 19:
Zoe Lofgren (D)
Robert Murray (D)

District 20:
Sam Farr (D)
Ron Kabat (Independent) - Tea Party Activist

District 21:
David Valadao (R)
Amanda Renteria (D)

District 22:
Devin Nunes (R)
Suzanna "Sam" Aguilera-Marrero (D)

District 23:
Kevin McCarthy (R)
Raul Garcia (D)

District 24:
Lois Capps (D)
Chris Mitchum (R)

District 25:
Steve Knight (R
Tony Strickland (R)

District 26:
Julia Brownley (D)
Jeff Gorell (R)

District 27:
Judy Chu (D)
Jack Orswell (R)

District 28:
Adam Schiff (D)
Steve Stokes (Independent)

District 29:
Tony Cardenas (D)
Will Leader (R)

District 30:
Brad Sherman (D)
Mark Reed (R)

District 31:
Paul Chabot (R)
Pete Aguilar (D)

District 32:
Grace Napolitano (D)
Art Alas (R)

District 33:
Ted Lieu (D)
Elan Carr (R)

District 34:
Xavier Becerra (D)
Adrienne Edwards (D)

District 35:
Christina Gagnier (D)
Norma Torres (D)

District 36:
Raul Ruiz (D)
Brian Nestande (R)

District 37:
Karen Bass (D)
R. Adam King (R)

District 38:
Linda Sanchez (D)
Benjamin Campos (R)

District 39:
Ed Royce (R)
Peter Anderson (D)

District 40:
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
David Sanchez (D)

District 41:
Mark Takano (D)
Steve Adams (R)

District 42:
Ken Calvert (R)
Tim Sheridan (D)

District 43:
Maxine Waters (D)
John Wood Jr. (R)

District 44:
Janice Hahn (D)
Adam Shbeita (PFP)

District 45:
Mimi Walters (R)
Drew Leavens (D)

District 46:
Loretta Sanchez (D)
Adam Nick (R)

District 47:
Alan Lowenthal (D)
Andy Whallon (R)

District 48:
Dana Rohrabacher (R)
Sue Savary (D)

District 49:
Darrell Issa (R)
Dave Peiser (D)

District 50:
Duncan Hunter (R)
James Kimber (D)

District 51:
Juan Vargas (D)
Stephen "Stephanie" Meade (Independent)

District 52:
Scott Peters (D)
Carl DeMaio (R)

District 53:
Susan Davis (D)
Larry Wilske (R)



California will elect their conservative candidates in the California Primary June 3, 2014. See list of endorsed candidates.

US Senate California

California Republican Assembly

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2014 Primary Election Endorsements

As of May 14, 2014 California Statewide:

Governor – Tim Donnelly
Lt. Governor – Ron Nehring
Controller – Ashley Swearengin
Secretary of State – Pete Peterson
Insurance Commissioner – Ted Gaines
State Superintendent of Instruction: Lydia Gutierrez
State Board of Equalization – District 1 – George Runner
State Board of Equalization – District 4 – Diane Harkey

Assembly Districts

AD-02 Matthew Heath
AD-03 James Gallagher
AD-04 Charlie Schaupp
AD-05 Frank Bigelow
AD-06 Beth Gaines
AD-08 Doug Haaland
AD-09 Manuel Martin
AD-26 Rudy Mendoza
AD-28 Chuck Page
AD-32 Romeo Agbalog
AD-33 Jay Obernolte
AD-34 Shannon Grove
AD-36 Tom Lackey
AD-37 Ronald Deblauw
AD-38 Scott Wilk
AD-40 Mark Steinorth
AD-41 Deborah Behovnek
AD-52 Dorothy Pineda
AD-54 Glen Ratcliff
AD-55 Phillip Chen
AD-60 Eric Linder
AD-65 Young Kim
AD-66 David Hadley
AD-67 Melissa Melendez
AD-68 Don Wagner
AD-69 Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias
AD-71 Brian Jones
AD-72 Travis Allen
AD-73 Bill Brough
AD-74 Matthew Harper
AD-75 Marie Waldron
AD-78 Barbara Decker

Senate Districts

SD-02 Lawrence Wiesner
SD-04 Jim Nielsen
SD-08 Tom Berryhill
SD-10 Peter Kuo
SD-14 Andy Vidak
SD-16 Jean Fuller
SD-23 Mike Morrell
SD-24 William Rodriguez Morrison
SD-32 Mario Guerra
SD-34 Janet Nguyen
SD-36 Pat Bates

Congressional Districts

CA-03 Dan Logue
CA-09 Steve Colangelo
CA-21 David Valadao
CA-22 Devin Nunes
CA-23 Kevin McCarthy
CA-24 Dale Francisco
CA-25 Steve Knight
CA-26 Jeff Gorrell
CA-35 Ben Lopez
CA-30 Mark Reed
CA-39 Ed Royce
CA-41 Steve Adams
CA-43 John R. Wood
CA-46 Carlos Vasquez
CA-47 Andrew Wallon
CA-48 Dana Rohrabacher
CA-49 Darrell Issa
CA-50 Duncan Hunter
CA-52 Kirk Jorgensen
CA-53 Joel Marchese


Kings County

Supervisor D1 – Joe Neves
District Attorney – Keith Fagundes

Los Angeles County

Sheriff – Paul Tanaka
Assessor – John Wong

Orange County

Supervisor D2 – Michelle Steel
Supervisor D5 – Robert Ming
Assessor: Claude Parrish
Auditor/Controller: Eric Woolery
Clerk Recorder: Hugh Nguyen
District Attorney: Tony Rackauckas
Sheriff: Sandra Hutchens
Treasurer-Tax Collector: Shari L Freidenrich
Board of Education District 2: Tom Pollitt
Board of Education District 5: Linda Lindholm
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 20: Helen Hayden
Superior Court Judge, Office No. 35: Jeff Ferguson

Placer County

Supervisor D2 – Robert Weygant
Clerk-Recorder – Jim McCauley
District Attorney – Scott Owens
Auditor-Controller – Andy Sisk
Treasurer-Tax Collector – Jenine Windeshausen
Assessor – Kristen Spears


District Attorney-Paul Zellerbach

Sacramento County

District Attorney-Anne Marie Schubert

San Diego County

Supervisor D5-Bill Horn
SD County Board of Education D5-Doug Perkins
Superior Court Judge #19 – Paul Ware
Superior Court Judge #25-Ken Gosselin

Santa Clara County

Supervisor D1 – Mike Wasserman

Tulare County

County Sheriff – Mike Boudreaux
Supervisor D5 – Greg Shelton

City Offices - Alphabetical by City

San Jose

San Jose City Council D 7 – Van Le

Simi Valley

Simi Valley City Council – Mike Judge

Simi Valley School Board:

Josie Hirsh
Dean Kunicki


Torrance Mayor – Tom Brewer
Torrance City Clerk – Gina Semana
Torrance City Council
Milton Herring
Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino
Charlotte Svolos
Dr. J.P. Tabakian

Heritage Foundation Scorecard of California Congressmen

A rating below 70% is considered Liberal.
Consider voting against any Congressman with a grade lower than 70%.

State District Name Party Score%
CA 40 Rep. Ed Royce R 88%
CA 4 Rep. Tom McClintock R 86%
CA 48 Rep. John Campbell R 81%
CA 2 Rep. Wally Herger R 79%
CA 52 Rep. Duncan Hunter R 75%
CA 42 Rep. Gary Miller R 75%
CA 46 Rep. Dana Rohrabacher R 75%
CA 49 Rep. Darrell Issa R 71%
CA 21 Rep. Devin Nunes R 64%
CA 19 Rep. Jeffrey Denham R 60%
CA 45 Rep. Mary Bono Mack R 59%
CA 24 Rep. Elton Gallegly R 59%
CA 22 Rep. Kevin McCarthy R 58%
CA 44 Rep. Ken Calvert R 54%
CA 26 Rep. David Dreier R 54%
CA 25 Rep. Howard McKeon R 54%
CA 50 Rep. Brian Bilbray R 53%
CA 41 Rep. Jerry Lewis R 52%
CA 3 Rep. Dan Lungren R 52%
CA 36 . Janice Hahn D 27%
CA 20 Rep. Jim Costa D 22%
CA 14 Rep. Anna Eshoo D 22%
CA 16 Rep. Zoe Lofgren D 22%
CA 9 Rep. Barbara Lee D 22%
CA 28 Rep. Howard Berman D 20%
CA 5 Rep. Doris Matsui D 20%
CA 13 Rep. Pete Stark D 20%
CA 30 Rep. Henry Waxman D 20%
CA 6 Rep. Lynn Woolsey D 20%
CA 8 Rep. Nancy Pelosi D 19%
CA 18 Rep. Dennis Cardoza D 18%
CA 17 Rep. Sam Farr D 18%
CA 7 Rep. George Miller D 18%
CA 29 Rep. Adam Schiff D 18%
CA 1 Rep. Mike Thompson D 18%
CA 35 Rep. Maxine Waters D 18%
CA 15 Rep. Michael Honda D 17%
CA 31 Rep. Xavier Becerra D 16%
CA 33 Rep. Karen Bass D 16%
CA 32 Rep. Judy Chu D 16%
CA 53 Rep. Susan Davis D 16%
CA 51 Rep. Bob Filner D 16%
CA 10 Rep. John Garamendi D 16%
CA 11 Rep. Jerry McNerney D 16%
CA 37 Rep. Laura Richardson D 16%
CA 34 Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard D 14%
CA 38 Rep. Grace Napolitano D 13%
CA 47 Rep. Loretta Sanchez D 12%
CA 27 Rep. Brad Sherman D 12%
CA 39 Rep. Linda Sanchez D 12%
CA 23 Rep. Lois Capps D 10%
CA 12 Rep. Jackie Speier D 10%
CA CA Sen. Dianne Feinstein D 8%
CA 43 Rep. Joe Baca D 4%
CA CA Sen. Barbara Boxer D 4%
CA 36 . Jane Harman D 0%

California will have competitive races for Congress and other state wide races. It is hard for a Republican to win state wide in California on the left coast.

A Southern California congressman is invoking the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion in his bitter primary fight with another incumbent, saying it was wrong for his opponent to accept help from a political action committee that took money from Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Rep. Brad Sherman's campaign sent a full-color mailer to voters this week attempting to tie fellow Democratic Rep. Howard Berman to the 2010 explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in a San Francisco Bay area suburb.
The flier claims Berman was wrong to accept help from Rebuilding America, a political action committee that worked on his behalf and received funds from PG&E, which operated the pipeline. It includes an ominous photograph of firefighters battling the gas-fueled fire and another shot showing burned-out vehicles and leveled homes, and it highlights that PG&E contributed $10,000 to a PAC that aims to elect Berman.


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