Illinois Senate Candidates for Congress, IL Election Race 2014

Illinois Senate Candidates
Illinois Candidates for Congress

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State Primary: March 18, 2014

Republican and Democrat Primary Election is being held on March 20, 2014

Illinois Candidates for Governor 2014 - Lieutenant Governor
Pat Quinn (D) & Paul Vallas (D)
Bruce Rauner (R) & Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)
Mike Oberline (Constitution) & Don Stone (Constitution)
Scott Summers (Green) & Bob Pritchett Jr. (Green)
Chad Grimm (Libertarian) & Alex Cummings (Libertarian)

Illinois Candidates for Congress

District 1:
Bobby Rush (D)
Jimmie Lee Tillman II (R)

District 2:
Robin Kelly (D)
Eric Wallace (R)

District 3:
Dan Lipinski (D)
Sharon Brannigan (R)
Karen Johnson (Independent)

District 4:
Luis Gutierrez (D)
Hector Concepcion (R)

District 5:
Mike Quigley (D)
Fred White (R/Write-In)
Nancy Wade (Green)

District 6:
Peter Roskam (R)
Michael Mason (D)

District 7:
Danny K. Davis (D)
Robert Bumpers (R)

District 8:
Tammy Duckworth (D)
Larry Kaifesh (R)

District 9:
Jan Schakowsky (D)
Susanne Atanus (R)

District 10:
Brad Schneider (D)
Bob Dold (R)

District 11:
Bill Foster (D)
Darlene Senger (R)

District 12:
Bill Enyart (D)
Mike Bost (R)
Paula Bradshaw (Green)

District 13:
Rodney Davis (R)
Ann Callis (D)
Josh Dill (Lincoln Liberty)

District 14:
Randy Hultgren (R)
Dennis Anderson (D)

District 15:
John Shimkus (R)
Eric Thorsland (D)

District 16:
Adam Kinzinger (R)
Randall Olsen (D)

District 17:
Cheri Bustos (D)
Bobby Schilling (R)

District 18:
Aaron Schock (R)
Darrell Miller (D)

Illinois Congressional Election Information 2014

Inside the 2014 Senate Races

Roll Call’s initial Senate ratings outlook projects a potentially bullish cycle for Republicans, with an opportunity to recapture the majority for the first time in eight years.

But that’s exactly how things looked two years before the 2012 elections, when Democrats surprised many with victories in Missouri and North Dakota on their way to picking up two seats. So the challenge for the GOP and incoming National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jerry Moran of Kansas is to capitalize on their opportunities.

That and how voters feel about President Barack Obama in 2014 could determine how the parties fare at the ballot box less than two years from now. Democrats won their current majority in 2006, in the second midterm election under President George W. Bush.

Republicans are hoping Obama’s second midterm is similarly kind to them, if not equal to the president’s 2010 midterm shellacking, when the GOP won seven seats (and control of the House) despite beginning the cycle as the underdog.

History of Illinois. Information that every Illinois Election Congressional Candidates Should Know:

Historic Sites Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency oversees a remarkable array of historically significant places. They range from the earthen-mound remnants of a prehistoric Native American city at Cahokia Mounds to Springfield’s Dana-Thomas House, a twentieth-century masterpiece designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Several sites celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s life and legacy, while others recognize the Illinois roots of literary figures such as Carl Sandburg and Vachel Lindsay. Monuments and memorials commemorate contributions of various individuals and groups, including the sacrifices made by Illinoisans who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Besides physically caring for those traces of the state’s past, the Sites Division offers a wide variety of public programs that bring Illinois history to life and make it meaningful to more than 2.5 million annual visitors.