Election Day: November 8, 2016

Democratic and Republic Primary: May 3, 2016

Indiana Senate Candidates for Senator, IN Election Race 2016

Indiana Senatorial Candidates
Indiana Candidates for Congress 2016

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State Primary: May 3, 2016

Indiana Senator Election Race 2016

Marlin Stutzman (R)
Todd Young (R)
Baron Hill (D)
M. Brent Pittman (Libertarian)

Indiana Candidates for US Congress from IN

Indiana Congress Candidates
Indiana Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Peter Visclosky (D)
Willie Brown (D)
John Meyer (R)

District 2:
Jackie Walorski (R)
Jeff Petermann (R)
Douglas Carpenter (D)
Lynn Coleman (D)

District 3:
Jim Banks (R)
Mark Baringer (R)
Liz Brown (R)
Pam Galloway (R)
Kevin Howell (R)
Kip Tom (R)
Toby Lamp (D)
Todd Nightenhelser (D)
John Forrest Roberson (D)
Tommy Schrader (D)

District 4:
Todd Rokita (R)
Kevin Grant (R)
John Dale (D)
Ryan Farrar (D)

District 5:
Susan Brooks (R)
Mike Campbell (R)
Stephen MacKenzie (R)
Allen Davidson (D)
Angela Demaree (D)

District 6:
Luke Messer (R)
Chuck Johnson (R)
Jeff Smith (R)
Danny Basham Jr. (D)
George Holland (D)
Bruce Peavler (D)
Ralph Spelbring (D)
Barry Welsh (D)

District 7:
André Carson (D)
Curtis Godfrey (D)
Pierre Pullins (D)
Wayne Harmon (R)
J.D. Miniear (R)
Catherine "Cat" Ping (R)

District 8:
Larry Bucshon (R)
Rachel Covington (R)
Richard Moss (R)
Ron Drake (D)
David Orentlicher (D)
Andrew Thompson (Libertarian)

District 9:
Robert Hall (R)
Trey Hollingsworth (R)
Erin Houchin (R)
Brent Waltz (R)
Greg Zoeller (R)
Bob Kern (D)
James McClure Jr. (D)
Bill Thomas (D)
Shelli Yoder (D)

Heritage Foundation Scorecard for Indiana Candidates

IN 3 Rep. Marlin Stutzman R 87%

IN 4 Rep. Todd Rokita R 69%
IN 6 Rep. Luke Messer R 65%
IN 9 Rep. Todd Young R 61%
IN 2 Rep. Jackie Walorski R 65%
IN 9 Rep. Todd Young R 61%
IN 8 Rep. Larry Bucshon R 57%
IN Sen. Daniel Coats R 54%
IN 5 Rep. Susan Brooks R 47%
IN 2 Rep. Joe Donnelly D 19%
IN 1 Rep. Peter Visclosky D 16%
IN 7 Rep. André Carson D 11%

FreedomWorks for America believes that Richard Mourdock would be a consistent advocate for reduced tax rates and a leaner federal government to stimulate economic growth. Since the endorsement, Hoosiers have distributed 100,000 palm cards and door hangers, 11,000 yard signs, and 11,000 bumper stickers on his behalf.
Unlike traditional Super PACs which exist to produce expensive advertising buys, FreedomWorks for America was created to develop tools to empower local activists to create a winning ground game that will transform grassroots conservatism into lasting political change this November.
For more information about FreedomWorks for America and the Retire Lugar campaign, please visit http://www.freedomworksforamerica.org/candidate/richard-mourdock.

History of Indiana. Information that every Indiana Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle first explored the region for France 1679–1680, the region figured importantly in the Franco-British struggle for North America that culminated with British victory in 1763.

Indiana's 41-mile Lake Michigan waterfront—one of the world's great industrial centers—turns out iron, steel, and oil products. Products include automobile parts and accessories, mobile homes and recreational vehicles, truck and bus bodies, aircraft engines, farm machinery, and fabricated structural steel. Wood office furniture and pharmaceuticals are also manufactured.

The state is a leader in agriculture with corn the principal crop. Hogs, soybeans, wheat, oats, rye, tomatoes, onions, and poultry also contribute heavily to Indiana's agricultural output. Limestone, coal, crushed stone, cement, sand and gravel is produced by Indiana with Indiana being the largest producer of limestone and coal.

Wyandotte Cave, one of the largest in the U.S., is located in Crawford County in southern Indiana, and West Baden and French Lick are well known for their mineral springs. Other attractions include Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, and the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.

Indiana Governor Candidates