Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Primary: May 17, 2016

Kentucky Senate Candidates for Senate
Kentucky Candidates for Senate

Kentucky Senate Candidates Election Race for US Senate

Rand Paul (R)
Jim Gray (D)
Billy Ray Wilson (Write-In)

Kentucky Candidates for US Congress Republican and Democrat:

Kentucky Congress Candidates
Kentucky Congressional Candidates Republican and Democrat

District 1:
James Comer (R)
Sam Gaskins (D)
Terry McIntosh (Write-In)

District 2:
Brett Guthrie (R)

District 3:
John Yarmuth (D)
Harold Bratcher (R)
Everett Corley (Forefathers)

District 4:
Thomas Massie (R)
Calvin Sidle (D)

District 5:
Harold "Hal" Rogers (R)

District 6:
Andy Barr (R)
Nancy Jo Kemper (D)

History of Kentucky. Information that every Kentucky Senator Candidate and candidate for Congress Should Know

Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson, one of the most celebrated heroes of the American West, is born in Richmond, Kentucky.

Shortly after Carson was born, his family moved west to Howard County, Missouri, an ideal spot for a future frontiersman to learn his trade. By the early 1820s, nearby Franklin, Missouri, had become the starting point for the newly opened Santa Fe Trail. As an apprentice to a Franklin saddle maker, Carson spent three years watching the covered wagons head westward for Santa Fe. Finally, the yearning to follow overwhelmed young Carson, and he ran away from home to join a trading caravan.

Intelligent and resourceful, Carson made a new life for himself once he reached Santa Fe. He learned enough Spanish to serve as a translator, and soaked up information about frontier knowledge and skills from the many mountain men who came to town. When Carson was 22 years old, he met the famous Irish mountain man Thomas Fitzpatrick, who offered to take Carson on a trapping expedition in the northern Rockies. Carson jumped at the chance, and soon became a skilled trapper and a cunning tracker. In January 1833, when a band of Crow Indians stole his party's horses, Carson trailed the Indians for 40 miles and his party was able to recover the stolen steeds.