Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

New Mexico Senate Candidates for Senator, NM Election Race 2016

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New Mexico Senate Candidates

New Mexico Candidates for Congress

Primary: June 7, 2016

New Mexico Senator Election Race - Next Election is in 2020

Tom Udall (D)

New Mexico Candidates for US Congress from NM

New Mexico Congress Candidates
New Mexico Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)
Richard Priem (R)

District 2:
Steve Pearce (R)
Merrie Lee Soules (D)
Jack McGrann (Write-In)

District 3:
Ben Ray Luján (D)
Mike Romero (R)



History of New Mexico. Information that every New Mexico Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

New Mexico is a timeless land of ancient cultural traditions and striking environmental diversity. For thousands of years, man has traveled through this Land of Enchantment leaving footprints to a rich and colorful past. Some of the earliest known inhabitants included the folsom Paleo-Indians who wandered into the area hunting animals that have been extinct for more than 10000 years.

Indians farmed the fertile land along the Rio Grande, producing corn, beans and squash. By the end of the 13th century, the Anasazi had completely abandoned their high-walled cities in northwestern New Mexico and the rest of the Four Corners area and drifted south where, along with the farmers from the Rio Grande, they developed the sophisticated Pueblo communities.

Shortly before the arrival of the Spanish, the Athapascan tribes entered the Southwest. Divided into two related groups, the Apache and the Navajo, the Athapascans established permanent villages only in the last 200 years.

Explorer Vasquez de Coronado trekked through New Mexico in 1540. In search of treasure, and convinced that the adobe pueblos were the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola, Coronado had orders to conquer the Indians and claim their riches. Failing to find the fabled gold, however, he and his men returned to New Spain without any newly won wealth.

Don Juan de Oñate made the first successful exploration of Mexico del Norte's wilderness. In 1598 he marched up the Rio Grande claiming land for Spain, accompanied by troops, colonists and cattle.

Santa Fe was founded as the capital in 1609 by New Mexico's third governor, Don Pedro de Peralta. For the next 70 years the Spanish pushed on with sword and cross, building missions and converting Indians to Catholism.