North Carolina Senate Candidates for Senate
North Carolina Candidates for Senate

State Primary: May 6, 2014

North Carolina Senate Candidates Election Race for US Senate 2014

Election Race for North Carolina U.S. Senator:

Kay Hagan (D)
Ernest Reeves (D)
Will Stewart (D)
Ted Alexander (R)
Alex Lee Bradshaw (R)
Greg Brannon (R) - Tea Party Activist
Heather Grant (R)
Mark Harris (R)
Edward Kryn (R)
Jim Snyder Jr. (R)
Thom Tillis (R)
David Waddell (Constitution/Write-In)
Tim D'Annunzio (Libertarian)
Sean Haugh (Libertarian)

North Carolina Candidates for US Congress Republican and Democrat :

North Carolina Congress Candidates
North Carolina Congressional Candidates Republican and Democrat

District 1:
G.K. Butterfield (D)
Dan Whittacre (D)
Arthur Rich (R)
Brent Shypulefski (R)

District 2:
Renee Ellmers (R)
Frank Roche (R)
Clay Aiken (D)
Keith Crisco (D)
Toni Morris (D)

District 3:
Walter Jones Jr. (R)
Taylor Griffin (R)
Al Novinec (R)
Marshall Adame (D)

District 4:
David Price (D)
Paul Wright (R)

District 5:
Virginia Foxx (R)
Philip Doyle (R) - Tea Party Activist
Josh Brannon (D)
Gardenia Henley (D)
Michael Holleman (D)
Will Stinson (D)

District 6:
Phil Berger Jr. (R)
Mike Causey (R)
Kenn Kopf (R)
Zack Matheny (R)
Jeff Phillips (R)
Charlie Sutherland (R)
Bruce VonCannon (R)
Mark Walker (R)
Don Webb (R)
Bruce Davis (D)
Laura Fjeld (D)

District 7:
Jonathan Barfield (D)
Walter Martin Jr. (D)
Chris Andrade (R)
David Rouzer (R)
Woody White (R)
J. Wesley Casteen (Libertarian)

District 8:
Richard Hudson (R)
Antonio Blue (D)

District 9:
Robert Pittenger (R)
Michael Steinberg (R)
Shawn Eckles (Independent)

District 10:
Patrick McHenry (R)
Richard Lynch (R)
Tate MacQueen (D)

District 11:
Mark Meadows (R)
Tom Hill (D)
Keith Ruehl (D)

District 12 - Special Election:
Alma Adams (D)
George Battle III (D)
Marcus Brandon (D)
Malcolm Graham (D)
James "Smuggie" Mitchell (D)
Curtis Osborne (D)
Vince Coakley (R)

District 12:
Alma Adams (D)
George Battle III (D)
Marcus Brandon (D)
Malcolm Graham (D)
James "Smuggie" Mitchell (D)
Curtis Osborne (D)
Rajive Kumar Patel (D)
Vince Coakley (R)
Leon Threatt (R)

District 13:
George Holding (R)
Brenda Cleary (D)
Virginia Conlon (D)
Arunava "Ron" Sanyal (D)

History of North Carolina. Information that every North Carolina Senator Candidate and candidate for Congress Should Know

In ancient times, the eastern half of the state was underwater, and giant megalodon sharks roamed the waters. On land, there were woolly mammoths and mastodons. It is believed that the first Native Americans inhabited the New World 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Eventually, nearly 30 Native American groups settled across the state.

In the 1580s, the British established two colonies in North Carolina, both of which failed. In the 1600s permanent settlers from Virginia began to move to North Carolina, and it eventually became part of a British colony known as "Carolina."

Many people believe that in 1775 North Carolina became the first colony to declare independence from Great Britain. After the American Revolution, North Carolina became the twelfth state of the Union.

In 1861, North Carolina seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy in the Civil War. In 1865, North Carolina troops surrendered, leaving the state to be brought back into the Union in 1868.

The 20th century saw North Carolina transformed into a modern state, a transformation that began when the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903.

North Carolina Senator Candidates 2014 News

North Carolina: Kay Hagan, D

Hagan will be running as a Democrat in a red-leaning purple state without the benefit of presidential-year voter turnout. President Barack Obama lost the state, the GOP flipped the governor’s mansion, and at least three seats currently held by Democrats will be occupied by Republicans come January. All that makes Hagan one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators. But the Tar Heel State’s evolving demographics favor her, and she has a good operation, strong campaign skills and time to stockpile money and goodwill as Republicans battle for the chance to take her on.

State Speaker Thom Tillis, lawyer and former Ambassador to Denmark Jim Cain and four-term Rep. Patrick T. McHenry are all top-tier potential challenger candidates.

Other names being floated among GOP insiders are Rep. Renee Ellmers, Rep.-elect George E.B. Holding, Raleigh lawyer Kieran Shanahan and state Sen. Philip Berger. As an aside, the Republican National Committee is scheduled to hold its winter meeting in Charlotte, N.C.