Republican Presidential Caucuses: March 1, 2016
Democratic Presidential Caucuses: June 7, 2016
State Primary: June 14, 2016

North Dakota Candidates for Governor, Election Race 2016

North Dakota Gubernatorial Candidates
North Dakota Candidates for Governor

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North Dakota candidates for governor will be having their Democrat and Republican gubernatorial; primaries in 2016.

North Dakota Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Rick Becker (R)
Doug Burgum (R)
Brian Kalk (R)
Wayne Stenehjem (R)
Clay Jenkinson (D)
Jack Seaman (Libertarian)

Lieutenant Governor
Joshua Voytek (Libertarian)


North Dakota Candidates for Congress

At Large:

Kevin Cramer (R)
Jack Seaman (Libertarian)



North Dakota Senate Candidates

North Dakota History. What every North Dakota Governor Candidate should know:

North Dakota was first settled by Native Americans several thousand years ago. The major tribes in the area by the time of settlement were the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Sioux, and Chippewa.

By the time European trade goods were making their way through native trade routes, the Mandan had developed a notably advanced agricultural and trading society.

La Verendrye was the first European to explore the area. He visited the Mandan tribes around 1738 and was astounded by their level of development. Limited trade with European powers followed through the end of the century.

The Mandan villages played a key role in the native trade networks because of their location and permanency. Their location at the northernmost reaches of the Missouri River placed them near the closest portages to the Hudson Bay basin and thus the fastest access to French and British traders. Additionally, valuable Knife River flint was produced not far from the villages.