Republican Presidential Caucuses: March 1, 2016
Democratic Presidential Caucuses: June 7, 2016
State Primary: June 14, 2016

North Dakota Senate Candidates for Senator, ND Election Race 2016

North Dakota Senatorial Candidates
North Dakota Candidates for Congress

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North Dakota Senator Candidates 2016

John Hoeven (R)
Robert Marquette (Libertarian)

North Dakota Candidates for US Congress from ND

North Dakota Congress Candidates
North Dakota Congressional Candidates

North Dakota Congress CurrentlyAt Large:
Kevin Cramer (R)
Jack Seaman (Libertarian)



History of North Dakota. Information that every North Dakota Election Candidates for US Senate Should Know:

North Dakota State Symbols:

tree American elm (1947)
bird western meadowlark (1947)
song “North Dakota Hymn” (1947)
fish northern pike (1969)
grass western wheatgrass (1977)
fossil teredo petrified wood (1967)
beverage milk (1983)
state march Spirit of the Land (1975)
flower wild prairie rose (1907)
equine Nokota horse (1993)
dance square dance (1995)