Election Day: November 8, 2016

Presidential Primary Election: April 26, 2016

State Primary: September 13, 2016



Rhode Island Senate Candidates for Senator

Rhode Island Senatorial Candidates
Rhode Island Candidates for Congress

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Rhode Island Senator

Next Election is in 2020

Jack Reed (D)

Rhode Island Candidates for US Congress from RI

Rhode Island Congress Candidates
Rhode Island Congressional Candidates

District 1:
David Cicilline (D)
Angel Taveras (D)
Karen MacBeth (R)
Russ Taub (R)

District 2:
Jim Langevin (D)



History of Rhode Island. Information that every Rhode Island Election Candidates for US Senate or Congress Should Know:

Rhode Island was the first British colony in America to formally declare its independence, doing so on May 4, 1776, a full two months before the national Declaration of Independence. Previously, in 1772 Rhode Islanders attacked the British warship the Gaspee as one of the first overt acts of rebellion in America. British naval forces under Captain James Wallace controlled Narragansett Bay for much of the Revolution, periodically raiding the islands and the mainland. The British raided Prudence Island for livestock and engaged in a skirmish with American forces, losing approximately a dozen soldiers. Newport remained a hotbed for Tory or Loyalist sympathizers who assisted the British forces. The state appointed General William West of Scituate to root out Tories in the winter of 1775 - 76. British forces evenutally occupied Newport from 1777 to 1778 forcing the colonial forces to flee to Bristol.

The Battle of Rhode Island was fought during the summer of 1778 and was an unsuccessful attempt to expel the British from Narragansett Bay although few colonial casualties occurred. The Marquis de Lafayette called the action the "best fought" of War. The following year, the British, wanting to concentrate their forces in New York, abandoned Newport. every Rhode Island Election Candidates for US Senate or Congress should know this.

In 1780, the French under Rochambeau landed in Newport and for the rest of the war Newport was the base of the French forces in the United States. The French soldiers behaved themselves so well that in gratitude, the Rhode Island General Assembly repealed an old law banning Catholics from living in Rhode Island. The first Catholic mass in Rhode Island was said in Newport during this time.

Rhode Island was the last of the original 13 states to ratify the United States Constitution (May 29, 1790) - doing so after being threatened of having its exports taxed as a foreign nation. Rural resistance to the Constitution was strong in Rhode Island, and the anti-federalist Country Party controlled the General Assembly from 1786 to 1790. In 1788 anti-federalist politician and revolutionary general, William West, led an armed force of 1,000 men to Providence to oppose a 4 July celebration of the 9th state ratifying the Constitution. Civil war was narrowly averted by a compromise limiting the Fourth of July celebration.

Rhode Island: Jack Reed, D

There is little evidence that Reed is any more vulnerable than Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who was up for re-election in 2012 and won by 30 points against a low-profile Republican.

The state of the GOP in Rhode Island is not healthy. If a Republican wants to be competitive in Rhode Island, he or she would need a strong personal brand that could trump the party’s negative image. No such candidate is apparent this early in the cycle.