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Texas Senate Candidates for Senator List, TX Election Race 2014 Congress

Texas Candidates for US Congress from TX

Texas Congress Candidates Election Race
For the Texas election races for Congress 2014, see list of below candidates.

Texas Senator

John Cornyn (R)

Texas Candidates for US Congress from TX

Texas Congress Candidates Election Race
Texas Congress Candidates Election Race

District 1:
Louie Gohmert (R)
Anthony Culler (R)
Simon Winston (R)
Shirley McKellar (D)
Phil Gray (Libertarian)

District 2:
Ted Poe (R)
Pat Bryan (D)
Joshua Darr (Green)
Christopher Hill (Libertarian)
James Veasaw (Libertarian)

District 3:
Sam Johnson (R)
Dave Cornette (R)
John Slavens (R)
Keith Thurgood (R)
Adam Bell (D)
Michael Filak (D)
Paul Blair (Green)
Chris Claytor (Libertarian)
Scott Jameson (Libertarian)

District 4:
John Ratcliffe (R)
Lou Gigliotti (R)
Ray Hall (R)
Cody Wommack (Libertarian)

District 5:
Jeb Hensarling (R)
Ken Ashby (Libertarian)

District 6:
Joe Barton (R)
Collin Baker (R)
Steven Fowler (R)
Don Jaquess (D)
Jeffrey Roseman (D)
Ruby Woolridge (D)
Darrel Smith Jr. (Green)

District 7:
John Culberson (R)
Maria Espinoza (R)
James Lloyd (R)
James Cargas (D)
Ronald Kimmons (Reform/Write-In)

District 8:
Kevin Brady (R)
Andre Dean (R)
Craig McMichael (R)
Steve Toth (R)

District 9:
Al Green (D)
Jeff Martin (R)
George Reiter (Green)
Johnny Johnson (Libertarian)

District 10:
Michael McCaul (R)
Tawana Cadien (D)
Scot Gallaher (D)
Bill Kelsey (Libertarian)

District 11:
Mike Conaway (R)
Nicholas Landholt (Libertarian)

District 12:
Kay Granger (R)
Bill Bradshaw (D)
Ed Colliver (Libertarian)

District 13:
Mac Thornberry (R)
Rusty Tomlinson (Green)
Calvin DeWeese (Libertarian)
Jeff Ansel (Independent)

District 14:
Randy Weber (R)
Keith Casey (R)
Michael Cole (D)

District 15:
Dolly Elizondo (D)
Vicente Gonzalez (D)
Juan "Sonny" Palacios Jr. (D)
Johnny "JP" Partain (D)
Joel Quintanilla (D)
Ruben Ramirez (D)
Randy Sweeten (D)
Xavier Salinas (R)
Ruben Villarreal (R)
Tim Westley (R)
Vanessa Tijerina (Green)
Ross Lynn Leone (Libertarian)

District 16:
Beto O'Rourke (D)
Ben Mendoza (D)
Mary Gourdoux (Green)
Jaime Perez (Libertarian)

District 17:
Bill Flores (R)
Ralph Patterson (R)
Kaleb Sims (R)
Bill Matta (D)
Clark Patterson (Libertarian)

District 18:
Sheila Jackson Lee (D)
Lori Bartley (R)
Sharon Fisher (R)
Reggie Gonzales (R)
Ava Pate (R)
Thomas Kleven (Green)

District 19:
Jodey Arrington (R)
Jason Corley (R)
Greg Garrett (R)
John Key (R)
Donald May (R) - Tea Party Activist
Don Parrish (R)
Glen Robertson (R)
Michael Bob Starr (R)
DeRenda Warren (R)
Mark Lawson (Green)
Troy Bonar (Libertarian)

District 20:
Joaquin Castro (D)
Paul Pipkin (Green)
Jeffrey Blunt (Libertarian)
Mike Idrogo (Libertarian)

District 21:
Lamar Smith (R)
Matt McCall (R)
John Murphy (R)
Todd Phelps (R)
Tejas Vakil (D)
Tom Wakely (D)
Antonio Diaz (Green)
Mark Loewe (Libertarian)

District 22:
Pete Olson (R)
Mark Gibson (D)
A.R. Hassan (D)

District 23:
Will Hurd (R)
William Hart Peterson (R)
Pete Gallego (D)
Lee Keenen (D)
Ruben Corvalan (Libertarian)

District 24:
Kenny Marchant (R)
Jan McDowell (D)
Kevin McCormick (Green)
Mike Kolls (Libertarian)
Roland Rangel (Libertarian)
David Sparks (Libertarian)

District 25:
Roger Williams (R)
Kathi Thomas (D)
Loren Marc Schneiderman (Libertarian)
Ed Tidwell (Libertarian)

District 26:
Michael Burgess (R)
Micah Beebe (R)
Joel Krause (R)
Eric Mauck (D)
Mark Boler (Libertarian)

District 27:
Blake Farenthold (R)
Gregg Deeb (R)
Paul "Roy" Barrera (D)
Ray Madrigal (D)
Wayne Raasch (D)

District 28:
Henry Cuellar (D)
William Hayward (D)
Zeffen Hardin (R)
Michael Cary (Green)

District 29:
Gene Green (D)
Adrian Garcia (D)
Dominique Garcia (D)
Julio Garza (R)
Robert Schafranek (R)
James Galvan Partsch (Green)
N. Ruben Perez (Libertarian)

District 30:
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
Barbara Mallory Caraway (D)
Brandon Vance (D)
Charles Lingerfelt (R)
David Perkins (R)
Thom Prentice (Green)
Jarrett Woods (Libertarian)

District 31:
John Carter (R)
Mike Sweeney (R)
Mike Clark (D)
Scott Ballard (Libertarian)

District 32:
Pete Sessions (R)
Paul Brown (R)
Russ Ramsland (R) - Tea Party Activist
Cherie Myint Roughneen (R)
Gary Stuard (Green)
Ed Rankin (Libertarian)

District 33:
Marc Veasey (D)
Carlos Quintanilla (D)
Bruce Chadwick (R)
Monte Mark Mitchell (R)
Roy Carl Stanley (Green)
Jason Reeves (Libertarian)

District 34:
Filemon Vela (D)
Rey Gonzalez Jr. (R)
Willie Vaden (R)

District 35:
Lloyd Doggett (D)
Susan Narvaiz (R)
Scott Trimble (Green)
Rhett Smith (Libertarian)

District 36:
Brian Babin (R)
H.J. "Hal" Ridley Jr. (Green)

List of Texas Conservative Candidates Republican Primary

History of Texas. Information that every Texas Election Candidates Should Know:

Spanish control of Texas was followed by Mexican control of Texas, and it can be difficult to separate the Spanish and Mexican influences on the future state. The most obvious legacy is that of the language; every major river in modern Texas, except the Red River, has a Spanish or Anglicized name, as do 42 of the state's 254 counties. Numerous towns also bear Spanish names. An additional obvious legacy is that of Roman Catholicism. At the end of Spain's reign over Texas, virtually all inhabitants practiced the Catholic religion, and it is still practiced in Texas by a large number of people. The Spanish missions built in San Antonio to convert Indians to Catholicism have been restored and are a National Historic Landmark.

The Spanish introduced European livestock, including cattle, horses, and mules, to Texas as early as the 1690s. These herds grazed heavily on the native grasses, allowing mesquite, which was native to the lower Texas coast, to spread inland. Spanish farmers also introduced tilling and irrigation to the land, further changing the landscape.

Texas eventually adopted much of the Anglo-American legal system, but some Spanish legal practices were retained, including homestead exemption, community property, and adoption.

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