Utah Candidates for Governor, Election Race 2014

Utah Governor Candidates
Utah Candidates for Governor

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Important dates for Utah Governor Candidates:

Primary: June 24, 2014

Utah Governor Election Race

Utah Governor

Gary Herbert (R) - Next Election is in 2016.

Utah Lieutenant Governor

Spencer Cox (R)

Utah Candidates for Congress

Utah Congress Candidates
Utah Congressional Candidates 2014

District 1:
Rob Bishop (R)

District 2:
Chris Stewart (R)

District 3:
Jason Chaffetz (R)

District 4:
Mia Love (R)

Utah Senator Candidates

Utah History Facts. What every Utah Governor Candidate should know:

Indians native to the Salt Lake Valley and adjacent areas lived by hunting Buffalo and other game, but also gathered grass seed from the bountiful grass of the area as well as roots such as those of the Indian Camas. By the time of settlement, indeed before 1840, the buffalo were gone from the valley, but hunting by settlers and grazing of cattle severely impacted the Indians in the area, and as settlement expanded into nearby river valleys and oases, indigenous tribes experienced increasing difficulty in gathering sufficient food. Brigham Young's counsel was to feed the hungry tribes, and that was done, but it was often not enough. These tensions formed the background to the Bear River massacre committed by California Militia stationed in Salt Lake City during the Civil War