Presidential Primary: March 1, 2016
State Primary: August 9, 2016

Vermont Candidates for Governor

Vermont Candidates for Governor
Vermont Candidates for Governor

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Vermont Governor Election Race 2016

Matt Dunne (D)
Peter Galbraith (D)
Sue Minter (D)
H. Brooke Paige (D)
Dan Feliciano (R)
Bruce Lisman (R)
Neale Lunderville (R)
Phil Scott (R)
Anthony Pollina (Progressive)
Cris Ericson (Independent)

Vermont Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Randy Brock (R)
Scott Milne (R)
Garrett Graff (D)t
Kesha Ram (D)
Brandon Riker (D)
David Zuckerman (D/Progressive)

Vermont Candidates for Congress

Vermont Candidates for Congress

At Large:
Peter Welch (D)

Vermont Senate Candidates

Vermont History Facts. What every Vermont Governor Candidate should know.

Vermont was covered with shallow seas periodically from the Cambrian to Devonian periods. Most of the sedimentary rocks laid down in these seas were deformed by mountain-building. Fossils, however, are common in the Lake Champlain region. Lower areas of western Vermont were flooded again, as part of the St. Lawrence Valley an Champlain Valley by Lake Vermont whose northern boundary followed the melting glacier at the end of the last ice age, until it reached the ocean. This was replaced by Lake Vermont and the Champlain Sea, when the land had not yet rebounded from the weight of the glaciers which were sometimes 2 miles thick. Shells of salt-water mollusks, along with the bones of beluga whales, have been found in the Lake Champlain region.

Lake Vermont connected to a glacial western lake near what is now the Great Lakes. They allowed western fish to enter the state, which is why Vermont has more native species than any other New England State, 78. About half of these are western in origin.

Little is known of the pre-Columbian history of Vermont. Between 8500 to 7000 BC, glacial activity created the saltwater Champlain Sea. This brought eventually landlocked lamprey, Atlantic salmon, and rainbow smelt.