VOTE TUESDAY MAY 6 - Republian Primary NC

Greg Brandon for US Senate in North Carolina.

Frank Roche - Congress District 2

Taylor Griffin - Congress District 3

Philip Doyle for Congress District 5

Mark Walker (R) - for Congress District 6

Jeanette Doran - NC State Supreme Court

Rand Paul to plunge into North Carolina Senate race

Tillis needs to eclipse 40 percent in the primary to win outright, and several recent polls have him on the cusp, making Paul’s move potentially a consequential one.
If Tillis falls short, he would face a two-month runoff, draining his resources ahead of the general election.

North Carolina Tea Party Candidates

Greg Brannon is the clear tea party supported candidate in North Carolina.
Paul endorsed Greg Brannon in October, but Brannon has hit a rough patch with legal problems in recent months and the senator hadn’t put his muscle behind the fellow physician since. Until now.

“I have decided today I’m going Monday to campaign for Greg Brannon in North Carolina,” Paul said in the Capitol Wednesday. “I think it’s pretty close there
actually, and there’s a chance we can help him enough to push him over the top.” “BIG NEWS!” Brannon later tweeted to promote the Charlotte rally with Paul.

The move by Senator Paul is the latest effort by 2016 presidential hopefuls to exert themselves in 2014 primary races at a time when tea party candidates are going strong. Most of the presumed 2016 candidates are either staying out of primary fights or taking a far more measured approach, calculating the risks of putting their name behind a candidate who could catch fire — or implode.

Conservative Voter Guide Massachusetts 2014

Massachusetts conservative voter guide candidates recommendations are for the September 6, 2014 primary. Recommendations are for local, congress, and statewide races.

Congress District 3 - Tom Weaver

Congress District 4 - David Steinhof

Congress District 5 - Jeff Semon

Congress District 6 - Bill Hudak (Write-in Candidate)

Congress District 8 - Matt Temperley

Congress District 9 - Christopher Sheldon

Mass State Senate District Candidates:
First Essex: Sam Meas
Second Essex and Middlesex: Paul Adams
Fourth Middlesex: DR. Gerry Dembrowski
Second Suffolk and Middlesex: Steve Aylward
Second Worcester: Steve Simonian

MA State House of Representatives District Candidates
18th Essex: Jim Lyons
Sixth Plymouth: Daniel Webster
Deb Beth: 12th Plymouth
Mike Franco 8th District
Mike Franco, candidate for Governor’s Council

Conservative Candidates Massachusetts

Massachusetts will elect their conservative candidates in the Massachusetts Primary September 18, 2014. Facing doubts about his philosophical credentials, Republican Mitt Romney today released a letter from Massachusetts conservative luminaries aiming to clarify his record while the state’s governor.
The letter was released about two hours before Romney addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, and during a speech to the group by rival Rick Santorum.
Santorum has joined a third presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, in casting Romney as a “Massachusetts moderate” rather than a guardian of the conservative ideals to important to Republican primary and caucus voters.



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